Friday, February 9, 2007

Super Bowl notes

A couple of observations about the Bears. I've said that Rex Grossman is not an NFL quarterback. All week long, there was talk of whether we'd see "good Rex" or "bad Rex." The truth about Rex is that he is a reckless, high variance player. Good Rex and bad Rex are the same awful quarterback but with the jump balls going the way of the Bears instead of the opponents. The referees were absolutely horrible in this game. There was so much holding that went uncalled. I know that "linemen hold on every play" but that's a subtle type of holding. When you can see jerseys being tugged, a flag is almost always, and should be, thrown. The left tackle for the Bears. number 76, held on every single play. There was one series of 3 plays which, if I had been the referee, would have resulted in 1st and 40 for the Bears. 76 got beaten on every single play by Dwight Freeney, the Colts' star passrusher, and then dragged him down. Not a single penalty was called and the Bears punted. 65 of the Colts also held a lot. Both were slow white guys. Back to the point about the Bears, both the quarterback and left tackle are terrible. Many consider the left tackle the most important position on the O-line, since he protects the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. So the two most important players on the Bears offense are Grossman and 76, both of whom are terrible. How did they expect to beat anyone good?? These kinds of personnel decisions are why I don't like Lovie Smith despite all of his success. Check out the facebook group Fuck it, I'm throwing it downfield for a thorough and hilarious dismantling of Sexy Rexy.

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